Saturday, January 21, 2012


Its saturday morning... and here in Sweden we are waiting for a SNOW-STORM... they have warned us on the radio and tv for this... The news says that it will arrive this afternoon... I  really WONDER if they have right this time... We can just WAIT and SEE... so that I will do...

Today I have uploaded 4 NEW SETS of POSERS... I am still LEARNING and testing things... I really cant handle it yet, but we live and learn, dont we?! I really want to take classes in this... I am testing on my own in english and I am swedish...LOL...

If YOU would like to download them, just click on the images (the same link for both images in the same set) they are linked to 4Share for downloading..

THANX for the eyeballing... REMEMBER to have FUN!!!!! CREA DIEM.... HUGGGGGS from NETTIS

This first set is called: AMANDA in YELLOW

The second is called: CARA in MOCCA

The THIRD is called: REES

The FOURTH and last for today is called: SAC ALYDA plasticbrown

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