Saturday, January 14, 2012


the WEEKEND is here..............And what a WEEKEND we have here in Sweden... The sun is shining from a clearblue sky... It FEEELS like spring.. I KNOW that the spring is not here yet... but the FEELING when the sun is warm and the wind is still... WONDERFUL feeling... a little reminder of what will come in a few months!!!

Well... Now I have been sitting and creating a few NEW POSERS... as you all know I am REAL new with this and I am still testing things and playing around... and while I was playing I created 3 new SETS of POSERS!!

If YOU would like to save them... just CLICK on the images (both images in the same set are linked) and download from 4Share....

THANX for the eyeballing... REMEMBER to have FUN!!!!! CREA DIEM.... HUGGGGGS from NETTIS

This first set is called:


The second set is called:


The third set is called:


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