Monday, January 23, 2012

NEW tags/blanks

Have YOU all notised???? A NEW week have arrived to us... a NEW week filled with NEW adventures and HOPE... aint we blessed????

Today I have uploaded my newiest tags/blanks, all are animated in some way... these have everybody who are members in my groups (links in the right sideborder) already seen because they all have been sent out with matching INCREDIMAIL and with ALL my incredimails I ALWAYS write who to say THANX/copyright to for the posers/tubes etc:

... IF you would like to use these tags YOU are SO welcome to do that just CLICK on the image and SAVE....and remember that in my groups I send out OFFERS on my blanks!

THANX for the eyeballing... REMEMBER to have FUN!!!!! CREA DIEM.... HUGGGGGS from NETTIS

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