Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cute Redhead in Hat ♥9thOfFebruary2016♥

Cute Redhead in Hat

a #freebie as ALWAYS!

I created her using contents for #keiko #keiko6 and the result is a set of her in #poses and one set of her in #cluster along with an #artgif !

Monday, February 8, 2016

Missing and Remember Grandpa

Today its monday the 8th of february 2016, and a brand new week is here... filled with new adventures and experiences for us all.
I start my week with a celebration to my Grandpa, Sven Leopold Axelsson, who should have been 110 years today on the 8th of February, if he was here with us.
♥I miss him so much, my beautiful Grandpa♥

He was born on the 8th of February 1906 and she was diagnozed with Polio and his parents told them that he will not survive for long.
He was hospitalized at young age and as a present he recieved a Chess-board and he got real interested in the game Chess and he LOVED that game so much. Later in His life he learned so MANY in Fritsla, our hometown, to play chess. He started up Radio-Chess with the legandary Lennart Hyland here in Sweden... Chess became His passion in life.
Because of His sickness, Polio, He started to swim for exercise... and during His life He teached sooo many Children in Fritsla to swim and our beautiful and awesome Grandpa Sven got known as Onkel Sven in Fritsla.
I have SOOO much to tell You all about My Grandpa Sven... but for Today I just CELEBRATE His memory and remember Him with SO much love in my HEART.

Sven Leopold Axelsson
Misses You So much
Born: 8th of February 1906
Died at the age of 83 on the 11th of July 1989

Friday, February 5, 2016

A5 NYU Dragania ♥5thOfFebruary2016♥

A5 NYU Dragania

Happy FRIDAY everyone... the weekend is here and time to relax and load the batteries... My New #render for YOU all : A5 NYU Dragania is in her #bedroom and ready for the weekend!She is a #freebie as always from me to YOU....

I used contents for #aiko5 and the #3dcharacter #nyuforaiko5 and the result is one set of her in #poses and one set of her in #cluster along with an #artgif ....

Fridayfeeling for Snuttan and me

♥ Happy #friday  everyone! My cat Snuttan have a message to You all this morning : My #paws  will have Manicure and Pedicure today to celebrate Friday .... and me as her mom can tell You that she need to go to the vet for that because when I do it she is gettingSOOO angry, but when the vet do her nails its fine ♥
(I just *call it* manicure and pedicure... I should NEVER EVER give my lovely Snuttan a REAL Manicure and pedicure!!!!)
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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Color Me HAPPY its ONLY one more day to Friday

☺ Color Me HAPPY its ONLY one more day to Friday ☺
                 ♫ Happy Thursday Everyone ♪
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