Friday, October 26, 2012


GOOOD friday my friends.... Here are my weekly INCREDIMAILS all already sent out into my groups (linked on the sideborder)... and here are a FEW for HALLOWEEN because next week HALLOWEEN is here!ALL ANIMATED in some way... U know I like it when it moves☺
If U would like to use them... just CLICK on the IMAGE and download.....

created with: 251AnnaMarine VC Called: wishMeTheBestdoublepaper43
 created with: KMILL called: Hauntedhouseelements3
 created with: maj8sept by JACKIE called: clusterframe3
 created with: LePetit called: SCARYTIME1
 created with: maj8sept1 JACKIE Clusterframe, k4lmf 020912la11 POSERLILL3 
 created with: elements by RR called: HappyHalloween3
 created with: pte3142 by KeithGarvey Playa by RAKUSIA ptc033

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