Friday, October 26, 2012


HELLOOOOO..... its friday-evening... and I dont know if I told U... but yesterday we have a LITTLE snow here in Kinna, Sweden.... NOW I really know that the winter is on its way even if I dont want it! Now waits about 5 months with chilly weather...
So what to do.... Well sit inside and PLAY by the

Here are my latest BLANKS/TAGS... they have ALL been sent out to my groups (linked in the sideborder) during the last month or so... they all have come with matching INCREDIMAILS...
If U would like to use these... just CLICK on the IMAGE and save!!!!
created using : BrianMViveros called Bullhead
 created using: tube by AR
 created using: AnaMarine 25 1
 created using: tube by Caroline and clusterframe by: jacky
 created using: Kmill elements called: HauntedHouse
 created using: tube by GUISMO
 created using: artwork by DEVIANTART and frame by Imi 4 Iphone
 created using: tube by K@rine 
 created using: Poser by Claire
 created using: tube by Guismo
 created using: tube by Grace
 created using: tube by  PspDevils and Tubes
 created using: artwork by cheznora

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