Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Goood morning WORLD... maybe there are GOOOD night for some of U... then I wish U a real good night-sleep...
I am just starting my day... and today I will have some housecleaning because tomorrow on HALLOWEEN I will have a surgery on my left foot... Can U believe... SURGERY on HALLOWEEN... I can see the staff on the hospital in halloween-suits....lol!
With this surgery I HOPE my foot will be good again... I just HATE to be overmobile in my body... it was fun when I was younger but now its just hurts. I KNOW in my heart that it will be GOOD this time... I just need to walk with crutches for 6 weeks, then I will through them away and start dancing!!!!!

Well... because I will have my surgery tomorrow I wanted to share my DESKTOPS/WALLPAPERS for NOVEMBER with U all today... If U would like to use them, just CLICK on the IMAGE and save!


This desktop have I created using:  Kiki-Tootie BACKGROUND POSER by: Gerda
 This desktop have I created using: CLAIRE poser and LePetit: DayRose-elements
 This desktop have I created using: PalvinkaDesigns elements: ColdWinter, Kiki-weihnElf25912la2 by Lillposer
 This desktop have I created using: SekadaDesigns elements: Goodmorning,K4CLOWNY by Gerdasposer

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  1. They are so cute....Nettis.THANK YOU FOR the offer to use them.
    SHIRL from BSEL 2