Sunday, September 30, 2012


Cant believe it, but its TRUE... a new month is knocking on the door... 2morrow OCTOBER is here so now I know 2 well that the autumn have arrived...
Well... I have notised it before just by feeling the weather... RAIN RAIN and then also a bit of

A NEW month means NEW desktops/wallpapers for YOU all to enjoy!!!!
If U would like to use them... just CLICK on the image and save!!!!

this desktop have I created using: k4Fairy2012-02 by GERDA and ELEMENTS by VC  called: EmbraceOfRoses.... THANK YOU!

this desktop have I created using Scandalous4 poser by BellesGraphics, ELEMENT by cvd called: steampunkjunguepeek-a-boo... THANK YOU!

this desktop have I created using SkyScraps poser called: Candy, RRDEK Cluster called: AW hooshavingabirthday... THANK YOU!

... and finally, this desktop have I created using 2BitSG poser called: HotTeacher, CLUSTERD by RRDE called: fortherecord... THANK YOU!

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