Friday, September 28, 2012

Since I am a survivor of BREASTCANCER (I did my LAST visit to the oncology-doc at the 28th of august 2012) the support for awareness and finding a cure is close to my heart!
So during OCTOBER 2012 I will donate ALL the incom from my offers on DesignByNettis to Breastcancer Found (bröstcancer-fonden Plusgiro: 90 05 91-9, Bankgiro: 900-5919) and from my Mary Kay-Cosmetics incom I will donate 100 kronor (15 USD, 12 EUR, 9 GBP, 87 NDK) for every sell of 1000 kronor ( 152 USD, 118 EUR, 94 GBP, 873 NDK)
                                                                        So when You order something from me during OCTOBER 2012 You will support Breastcancer-research through me!!!!!

I know TO well how IMPORTANT this cause is… The MORE donations that Breastcancer-found recieve the MORE women will WIN their fight for LIFE, just as I did!

Have Your eyes open for my OFFERS during OCTOBER on:

THANK YOU for YOUR support to Breastcancer-research by order the coming offers from me!



  1. Hi Annette, you are such a beautiful strong person and what you are doing is inspiring! I'm so glad to have known you through the internet. May you continue to stay healthy and strong! My mom is a breast cancer survivor too!