Thursday, April 19, 2012


 HOW are YOU all??? Are YOU feeling alive and do you have JOY in your lifes... I REALLY HOPE soo...
I KNOW I am doing good and I am so BLESSED to be having so many AWESOME people around me...YOU are ALL included....

TODAY I have been sitting and creating 3 SETS of EXTRAS... I had a real HAPPY time puttin them together... I REALLY hope that they wil put a bit of JOY into your lifes aswell...

If YOU would like to use my XTRAS... just CLICK on the IMAGE... it will take YOU to 4SHARE for downloading....

Every set includes:
Thank YOU
You are Welcome
Great Send
Great Work
Love & Light

and they are ALL animated in some way!

Here they come:

This SET have I created using 2BitSG Sharlimars poser called: Charmaine... THANK YOU!

This SET have I created using GERDAS poser called A4 Skater.... THANK YOU!

and finally... this SET have I created using DANIELAS poser called FlyInARender... THANK YOU!

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