Saturday, October 29, 2011


HALLOWEEN is here... YEEEES and MAYBE you all will go out tricking and treating... Me my self will have a relaxing weekend... BUT I sure will open my door for the children who wants candy...

Today I will upload NEW DESKTOPS for NOVEMBER, because SOON a new month is here.... so then we all need new desktops for our computers.... dont we?

If YOU would like to use them... just CLICK on the IMAGE and save!!!

THANX for the eyeballing... REMEMBER to have FUN!!!!! CREA DIEM....HAPPY HALLOWEEN  HUGGGGGS from NETTIS

this DESKTOP have I created using POSERS by LILL called Remandado.... THANX!

This DESKTOP have I cerated using posers by SP Shania called Lili and Luca, PP by LDAVI called PainteFairies.... THANX!

This DESKTOP have I created using elements by PalvinkaDesigns called Haunted Avenue and PP14 by LDAVI called SirCraw... THANX!

... and THIS DESKTOP have I created using PP by LCD and beautifulWoman tube by THAFS... THANX!


  1. Perfect!! I was looking for a November desktop calendar. Thank you Nettis and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Super Netis,
    i like it.
    Have a nice Day and Weekend.
    Knuddels Sharlimar

  3. Greaaaat Honey and i´m very happy that you have take a poser from me. Hugs, Nicki.