Saturday, September 24, 2011


GOOOOOOOD saturday my friends.... How have your week been???? Mine have been real good... I have get to know 3 WONDERFUL women, all survivors of all kinds of cancer and we have NOW started a group for support to people who have survived cancer and for them who still is fighting with this TERRIBLE sickness... We will call us self "Crea Diem"... Create the day... We are just in the beginning of this but I FEEL in my heart that this will be something REAL good.....

Today I will upload NEW PNGS for you all to play with.... My rules are just THIS:

IF you would like to use them... just CLICK on the image, its linked to 4Share for downloading....ENJOY!

THANX for the eyeballing and remember to HAVE FUN!!!!!

HUGGGGGS from Nettis in Sweden

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  1. Fantastic work again lovely lady! Thanks for everything!
    Much love,Magic xoxox