Wednesday, July 20, 2011


HELLOOOOOOOO.... the sun have arrived to us here in Sweden AGAIN... so this afternoon I will spend outside....
Yesterday we had a BAD and TERRIBLE time here... 3 people died in a caraccident... My PRAYERS and THOUGHTS are with their loveones in this terrible time of sorrow... An accident happend so FAST... LOVE and take care of eatchother when we all still are alive and together on earth!

Well.. I have created a few NEW WORDARTS... these is my FIRST But I have notised that there are SO much to do with PhotoShop....woooow... and I LOVE it so much!

Here is how they look like:

And here follows the PNGS for these WORDARTS... If you like them... just CLICK on the FOLLOWING PNGS and save........ ANYWAY... THANX for the eyeballing and HAVE fun!
HUGGGGGGGGS love and PRAYERS from now and ALWAYS

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