Monday, July 4, 2011


HELLO my friends..... HOW are you all doing????? I HOPE real goood... and I also wish ALL of you in USA the BEST of DAYS on this special day... 4th of JULY! I am with you all in my thoughts!!!!!

Me my self is STILL in REAL pain after my surgery last thursday... BUT its getting better and better for every day... or MAYBE I am just getting used to

Today I will share a few NEW FRAMES and PNGS I have played around with during the weekend.... They look like this:
I have created this FRAME with element CREATED by GTD "One apple a day".... THANX!
This FRAME have I created using one of JUTTAS cute posers.... THANX!
This one I created using pics from groupsshares.... THANX!
This FRAME and the NEXT FRAME I have created using SHARLIMARS wonderful posers.... THANX!
This FRAME is created from one of my OWN tubes.... The next is also created by my OWN....
... tube and here follows my TUBE I used to create for this FRAME:

If YOU would like them and enjoy them... just CLICK on the following PNGS and save....

Anyway.... THANX for the EYEBALLING and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

HUGGGGGS from Sweden and NETTIS

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