Thursday, July 28, 2011

DESKTOPS for everyday

GOOOOOD thursday my friends.... SOOOON the weekend is here.... and it SEEEMS like summer have returned to us here in Sweden.... SUMMER have been so missed... it have been gone for a couple of weeks....

Today I upload NEW DESKTOPS for EVERYDAY.... IF you would like to use them... just CLICK ON THE IMAGE and save..... ANYWAY... THANX for the eyeballing...

This DESKTOP have I created using one of KARINES beautiful female-tubes.... THANX!
This DESKTOP have I created using my OWN woman-tube and feathers sent into my groups.... I have also created a MATCHING INCREDIMAIL and blank.. I will send out the INCREDIMAIL with BLANK tomorrow into my groups: GOOGLE and YAHOO....
This DESKTOP have I created using ICEYS tube from one of FALLEN21 GREAT arts... THANX!

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