Sunday, May 15, 2011

NEW tags/blanks

 yeees and today I have been having my laundry-day... aint that sound great...noooo... BUT I looooove the smell of clean!

Today I will share my NEWIEST blanks/taggies (WARNING... here are a few ADULTISH taggies aswell)... REMEMBER that they are ALL created by me with MATCHING INCREDIMAILS... ALL are shared by ME in my groups:

I share the SAME in both groups... I just created a group in google and one in yahoo... because a few prefer Yahoo and a few Google....
I am the ONLY ONE sending out mails in these groups... I share my  INCREDIMAILS with matching taggies/blanks, desktops and PNGS... and for YOUR birthday celebrate your special day with PERSONAL Incredimails, taggies and desktops..... COME and JOIN me here IF you are interested!

ALL my taggies/blankies with matching Incredimails are ALL animated in some way.... LOVE to make everything move a HOPE you do tooooo!

Here I GOOO... my NEWIEST blanks/taggies...(members in my groups have already seen them)... If YOU like them just CLICK on the image and save... ANYWAY... THANX for the eyeballing and ENJOY!

HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGS love and prayers from Sweden and

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