Monday, September 19, 2016

Donations During October 2016

Donations During October 2016!

 As You probably KNOW I am ONE of MANY Breastcancersurvivors ALL around the world. And I know TO well that without Breastcancer-research I should not be alive because I had an aggressive form of Inflamatoric #breastcancer stage 3.

 Both my Parents are also cancer-survivors, but my Grandma lost Her fight for life. I have lost so many beautiful beeings to this HORRIBLE sickness... so therefor its soooo IMPORTANT to donate and support cancer-research! NOONE should die of cancer...

 With donations/support to #cancer -research we will get MORE effective treatments against cancer OR much better, a CURE of ALL Cancer!!!!! That IS a dream for present-time, but MAYBE that dream can be a reality someday in the future if the Companies who are doing the research get enough money to find a cure!

 So therefor I have decided that ALL donations and "Your Price Is Right" during;
20th of September 2016 until 31st of October 2016,
 will go to the "Pink Ribbon" at CANCERFONDEN! NOTHING will go to my design during October 2016, everything will be DONATED to CANCERFONDEN through me!
 So THANK YOU to YOU ALL who wanna Join ME in the IMPORTANT Fight against ALL cancer with Your donations

 (On the 1st Of November 2016 I will share a update of how much We have donated TOGETHER)

There is also a link to donate through Payson on the right side on my blog!

 Blessings and LOVE

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