Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy Birthday my CatAngel Pyret

✨/)/) i i i i
( . .) |🌟🌟|
( つ"♥ | 💛💛💛|
💘ANDILOVEYOU✨ ♥_Today You Celebrate Your 15th Birthday in CatHeaven my Angel Pyret. I Am So Sorry that You aint with us on Earth anymore and I miss You More Than Words Can Tell . We Send Our #love To You and Hope You are having a #happybirthday in Heaven along with ALL the other CatAngels by Your side_ ♥ Maybe You Have my other CatAngel Knytet by Your side because She is celebrating her 25th Birthday today aswell
Happy Birthday My CatAngels... Love You From The Moon And Back
Pyret: Born 25th Of May 2001, Joined Catheaven: 5th Of April 2016
Knytet: Born 25th Of May 1991, joined CatHeaven: 27th Of September 2005
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