Monday, May 16, 2016

AIKO 4 AMI In Hood And Boots

AIKO 4 AMI In Hood And Boots

HAPPY monday EVERYONE.... Hope You all had a joyfilled and relaxing weekend, I know I had even though the weather was´nt the best... it feels like Autumn is here instead of summer, going from 25 degrees celcius to 6 degrees over one night! So Now I need to put on a #hood and #boots just like my New #render Aiko4 Ami In Hood and Boots .... she is a #freebie from me to You.
I created her a while ago BUT I have´nt shared her with you until now. I created her using contents for #aiko4 and the cute #3dcharacter #ami and the result is one set of her in #poses with an #artgif and one set of her in #cluster also with an Artgif and art!

Thank You For Your Kind DONATION to My Work

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