Saturday, April 2, 2016

DESKTOPS WALLPAPERS for APRIL 2016♥2ndOfApril2016♥

Happy Weekend EVERYONE... Do You know what I ALMOST forgot to share with You all?
A hint.. its a New MONTH! What do we need then, I know I NEED it a NEW #desktop #wallpaper for #april2016 of course!
So here I have created 4 New Desktops/wallpapers for April2016 for You and for Me... they are in the size of 1920*1080 pixles and they are as ALWAYS a #freebie from Me to You.
2 of them I have created with my New #renders who I will share with You next week... so these Desktops/Wallpapers are a little peek-a-boo on them.

To save them... just Click on the images and save... DONE!

♥Hope You will ENJOY them♥

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