Monday, September 21, 2015

BreastCancer Awareness, my story

Next month October is #breastcancerawareness and I am a Lucky one Who survived an Aggressive form of #breastcancer in 2003.  I got both chemo and radioaktiva -treatments and they needed to take my left breast away,  I lost all my hair and my nails falled off. .. in 2007 I was diagnozed with metastases in my sceleton.  This time they couldnt remove The cancer and I was forced to get chemo for The rest of my life!  BUT in 2008 a doctor discovered that I was wrongly diagnozed with metastases,  The reality was that The metastases on my ribs was not there ! Even though I was going through chemo a second time for 6 months in vain,  I KNOW I am a Lucky one. .. I fought for my life and I won that battle!  DONT EVER GIVE UP THE DREAM OF A CURE OF EVERY KIND OF CANCER 💞💟
#breastcancersurvivor #findacure #thinkpink

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