Tuesday, December 2, 2014

NEW FREEBIE Tag-Extra HOLIDAYS♥2ndOfDecember2014♥

HAPPY Tuesday everyone... and a BIG WELCOME to the magical month of DECEMBER!!!!

This month I will share a lot of things concerning #christmas and the #holidays in my groups (linked on the sideborder under Google and Yahoo on my blog) ... starting with this #animated #tagextra that I have created using elements by ©Chouk77, for the HOLIDAYS.... If YOU are a member in one of my groups, I will send out a personal TAG-OFFER for my members... YOU are free to join me there (linked in the sideborder under Google and Yahoo)....

All information about the set is included in a folder!

If YOU would like to use this set, just CLICK on my NAME, is the preview, and DOWNLOAD...

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