Wednesday, October 1, 2014

♥ Something that is real CLOSE to my HEARTspecially this month, october, is the PINK RIBBON ,BREASTCANCER-AWARENESS - month! I am one of SO MANY women, and ALSO men, that have gone aBATTLE for LIFE against #breastcancer  and I was aLUCKY GIRL because I WON against it 2 times! ♥
There are still so MANY who fight against ALL KIND of#cancer  and I know I will NEVER EVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT to FIND A CURE ! 
                     ♥ _We ALL need: HOPE that someday it will be NOMORE CANCER , We need to KEEP FAITH to that ( I do), We need COURAGE and STRENGTH becauseCANCER dont involve just the one who got it... it involves EVERYONE that stand beside and feeling soHOPELESS... I KNOW I Have been on the both sides with my mom and dad...
                     ♥ _I am a LUCKY GIRL and celebrate 11 years as a  #breastcancersurvivor  ! 11 years since I first got it in stage 3... but I WON ! Then I got metastes in the sceleton in 2007... and the fight started AGAINbut I WON ! I KNOW TO WELL that I will NEVER EVER go safe... but NOW I am cancer-free... so I am a LUCKY GIRL !

So during OCTOBER I will create #gifs  to SUPPORT BREASTCANCERResearch !
So if YOU want to help me with this... PLEASE click HERE PAYSON and help me to help others! THANK YOU♥
#fuckcancer   #findacure   #pinkribbon  #breastcancerawareness  #breastcancerawarenessmonth  #breastcancerresearch  

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