Saturday, August 16, 2014

                     ♥ With a bit of sadness in my Heart I say#goodnight   #goodnightworld  to YOU all ♥

the SADNESS in my heart is from the news that a friend of mine have lost her fight to cancer 
                    She foughted SOOOOOO strong and SOOOO hard right until the end, but that BAD illness, cancer, won over Her!
                                     Now she is in NO MORE Pain, and she have finally found peace in heaven among the other beautiful angels...
                                                           My thoughts and prayers goes our to her Parents and her adorable daughters to let them know that I along with SO many others are with them in thoughts and prayers!
                         And I KNOW in my heart that Elisabeth is watching over YOU and that she will follow YOU through Your lifes.... as long as YOU remember, she will ALWAYS go on living in Your heart♥
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