Thursday, May 8, 2014

☼ FREEBIE a set of ALPHA BEES☼ 8thOfMay2014♥

Well.. what can I say.... long time no see with my #freebies  but BETTER late than never! You see I have been soooo busy with "real life" and GOOGLE+ ! If YOU dont follow me there... join me there!!!!YOU will understand and realize HOW fun GOOGLE PLUS is!!!!!!

Well, now to what was the reason with this 
A #freebie #alpha set that I call #bees ! This set includes ALPHA with AND without GRAPHIC and also with the letters å, ä and ö for us who need them!

To download... just CLICK on the IMAGE and download...


  1. Wonderful, my dear Nettis. Thanks a lot!
    Hugs, Narah

    1. ♥ THANK YOU for your kind support Narah... HAVE FUN with these♥ LOVE Nettis

  2. Replies
    1. ♥ THANK YOU for your kind comments... YOU are more than welcome Anne♥ LOVE Nettis