Friday, January 3, 2014

♥NEWIEST Animated INCREDIMAILS♥3rdOfJanuary2014♥

HELLLOOOO... and GOOOD evening from Sweden....

Hmmm... I have been having a little blonde moment I have TOTALLY forgotten to share my latest Animated Incredimails with YOU all! You who are MEMBERS in my groups (linked under Yahoo and Google in the sideborder on my blog) have already recieved them!
Here are 7 animated stationaries for YOU all, includes New Year and Christmas.... ALL information about the stationaries are linked on each one of them....

To use and save them in your INCREDIMAIL, just CLICK on each image and download....


  1. Nice but the download link doesn't work for me.

    1. They are uploaded on Rapidshare... if YOU sign up there, its FREE, then YOU will be able to download them...♥ or... join one of my groups (linked in the sideborder here on my blog) then you recieve my Incredimails along with more creations by me directly into your mailbox.... HAPPY WEEEKEND☺