Tuesday, October 1, 2013

♥#breastcancer #cancersupport #pink #fuckcancer #survivor #designbynettis PINK is the color I believe IN PINK is the color that CONNECT the world to FIGHT BreastCancer♥

The year 2003 in september I was diagnozed with an AGGRESSIVE form of BreastCancer, Inflammatoric Breastcancer... I started chemo to get ridd of the inflammation BEFORE the surgery! On the 1th of November 2003 they took my WHOLE left breast away during surgery... and after that I got chemo and radiation and in 2005 I got a brand new breast... In 2007 I got diagnosed with metastaser in my sceleton, 3 ribs was attacked... Got the diagnos that they cant take the cancer away... but I can live with it for about 10-20 years... During the 6 upcoming months of chemo they did investigate the "new" cancer and notised that this was´nt cancer in my ribs... it was my sceleton that is a bit poor! So my second diagnos was WRONG...  
I am SOOOO HAPPY and GRATEFUL to life.... I FOUGHT my BIGGEST battle for LIFE against BREASTCANCER and I WON... This year I celebrate 10 YEARS SURVIVING...

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