Tuesday, September 24, 2013

↕‼Fabmamas Companies and Supporters↕‼21-22 of september 2013↕‼

Today I will tell you about ALL the AMAZING companies that SUPPORTED the AMAZING Blog Event FabMamas at Hällsnäs in Sweden during the 21-22nd of September....
But FIRST I want to send a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU and my WARMEST love to the awesome girls that made this happend with SO much work... 

THANK YOU Mira, Malin and Malin.... YOU are OUTSTANDING!!!!!
Malin "Meekatt" Birgersson                Malin "Fnulan" Martinsson    Mira "Tokmorsan" Nilsson

COMPANIES on the Mass


Companies that SUPPORTED with GOODIE-BAGS

♥Hard to carry back HOME but Oh my gosh HOW grateful I am♥


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