Saturday, August 3, 2013

☼#FREEBIE #ALPHA #Fairy #Alien☼3rdOfAugust2013☼

☼SUNNY BEAUTIFUL SATURDAY is here☼ and NO AILIEN in just my 2 cats and a strange person in the mirror this morning...SORRY, that person was!!!!

Here is a little FREEBIE for YOU all.... an ALPHA that I call FairyAlien, I have used my OWN fairytube for making this set... Here U will find all the letters U need include å, ä, ö for us who need them! Here are plain alpha and with the picture....

To download... just CLICK on the image!


  1. Thanks much.
    Never saw any fairy alien image, didn't even know someone made them.
    Very cute and interesting and very well done.