Friday, August 2, 2013

☼Desktops/wallpapers 4 AUGUST & WEEKLY INCREDIMAILS 3 NEW animated stationaries☼

☺THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY☺ and this weekend I really have´nt got anything planed, I just will take each moment as they come and INHALE every second with gratefulness....

A NEW month have arrived... and I ALMOST forgot to send out my DESKTOPS/WALLPAPERS for August... so here they come along with 3 NEW animated stationaries for INCREDIMAIL... ALL informations about the stationaries are linked on every single one... and for YOU who are a member in one of my groups (linked in the sideborder under YAHOO and GOOGLE at my blog) have already recieved everything....

To download these stationaries... CLICK on the IMAGES and download...

To save these DESKTOPS.... just CLICK on the IMAGES and save!


  1. Snagged your cute images. Thanks much.
    Maybe stationaries would look better without names over images. Just my opinion. :)

  2. 👍Thank u for u support... I am happy u enjoy my work! About the stationaries, they are 4 incredimails and to create stationaries for incredimail is usually with a message👍 they are just to be used at that email-program...! Love and huggs rught back at U❤

  3. I know that since for more than 10 years I use IM and stationeries kind people create. -:))

  4. 👍Woooow.... U have used Incredimailas long as I.... Bless U my friend❤