Monday, July 1, 2013

♥#DESKTOPS #Wallpapers for #july 2013☺1rstOfJuly2013♥

GOOOOD monday- morning world... what can I say, this girl is a bit TIRED today, tired BUT happy... My body is hurting but its worth it because we had a absolutly HAPPIEST time yesterday at Liseberg in Gotheburg... WOOOOW.. me and my sis son was on EVERY rollercoaster and other activities not only ONE ride... nononono... we ride a few a couple of times directly after finnished the first ride... WOOOW... I REALLY live out my INNERCHILD at these EntertainmentParks... But its JUST an innerchild, because the REAL body of mine aint I can feel that TODAY....▼
Today it will be a real LAZY day... but I need to go to the store for some shopping this morning, but after that I will put my sore body in the sofa... either inside or outside, depends on if the sun aint to scared to show her

Well... A new MONTH have arrived to us... Yepp... JULY is here, so here I have created 6 NEW DESKTOPS WALLPAPERS for YOU all..... they are in the sizes 1444x904 pixles!

If U would like to use these, just CLICK on the IMAGES and save....

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