Friday, June 28, 2013

♥WEEKLY #Incredimails 3 NEW stationaries♥

♥HAPPY #FRIDAY  the WHOLE wide world...♥.
The #sun is shining on us here in #Sweden this morning... I just HOPE it will stay around for the whole day!
Are U going to do something special during the weekend???
Me my self will IF the weather aloud it, going to the #Entertainment Park #Liseberg in #Gothenburg with my family on saturday OR sunday.. JUST hope it will be #sunny and without rain so that we can go there and having #fun for a whole day!!!!

As every #friday I want to share my WEEKLY INCREDIMAILS with YOU all... this week I have 3 NEW Stationaries for You all.. all information about the stats are linked on them!( if U are a member in one of my groups (linked under Google and Yahoo on the sideborder on my blog) You have already recieved them)

If YOU would like to use these, just CLICK on the IMAGES and download....



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