Saturday, June 22, 2013

♥#FREEBIES #VICTORIAN #hats and #bags 10 pngs♥22ndOfJune2013♥

Happy MIDSUMMER-day from a RAINY, windy, grey Swedish mornuing☺
Hope U all had a WONDERFUL Midsummer-night.... I know I had and it turned out like ALWAYS... in and out because of the BIG showers of RAIN and But its a tradition here in Sweden...☺
Today I am a bit tired... but I am HAPPY inside, and thats what matters!!!!

Here I have created NEW FREEBIES for U all... I call them VICTORIAN hats and bags in blue, lilac and pink... here U will get 10 png´s!

If U would like to use these, just CLICK on the IMAGE and download...

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