Saturday, June 8, 2013

♥#FREEBIE #WORDART & Matching #ALPHA♥8thOfJune2013♥

HAPPY saturday morning.... Can´t believe it... I went to bed at 1 o´clock in the night and SUPRISE when did this girl wake up... at 5 o´clock in the morning....I believe this day will be a tired day! But its worth it because I had a AWESOME evening yesterday with a fantastic group of people in the class called "Intuition in Love" with @birkantore and @rachelboulous at AskAngels!
I will have another class with these BEAUTIFUL people on Sunday and then it will be a "Intuitive Group Session"... looking forward to that!!!!!
Well... enough about that awesome moment and something for U all...

2 matching FREEBIES, Alpha and a Wordart....

To download, just CLICK on the images and save....


  1. Very cute, love it.
    Thanks much for sharing.