Wednesday, June 12, 2013

☺#FREEBIE RedFamilyHouse 6 pngs☺12thOfJune2013☺

Little Saturday is here as we call Wednesday here in Sweden.... Today I am a bit tired but I am also happy from yesterday... Me and my sis had a AWESOME time together in Boras... we laughed so much that we almost peeded on had SO much positive energy together that people around us stoped and smiled aswelll...☺
And I bought clothes... Yepp, 3 linen : 1 pink, 1 turquose and 1 peach/orange and a striped red/white jump-in-suite... I just LOVE wearing these at home when I am just relaxing... The ONLY problwm with these is that when U need to visit the toilet U need to take off all U clothes... sitting on the toilet nude... but I can take

Well... here is something for U all... 6 pngs of RED FAMILY HOUSES.... 

If U would like to use these, just CLICK on the IMAGE and download....

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