Tuesday, June 18, 2013

♥#FREEBIE #ALPHA I Love my #Kitties♥18thOfJune2013♥

Tuesday-morning have knocked on the door, and I was MORE than HAPPY to open and let it in, because today the sun is shining and I believe in a day outside in my swing-sofa... but first I need to go to the city for some shopping.....

I know I LOVE my kitties, even though they arent kitties anymore, they are grownups Cats... but in my eyes they will ALWAYS be kitties...lol...

Here is a little ALPHA that I have created for U all that I call I Love My Kitties....here U can get ALPHA with and without the catpic!

If U would like to use these, just CLICK on the IMAGE and download...


  1. Awesome. Love it.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to thank you for a very cute alpha. THANKS!

  3. THANK YOU sweetest friend for U kind support and comments... it meens SOOOO much to me♥