Saturday, March 23, 2013


Sunny wonderful saturday.... I just LOVE to be free on a day like this... a SUNNY wonderful saturday... I just WISHED that it could be a bit hotter though, its no weather to sit outside yet, buut SOON we can do that... I HOPE 4

Here are a NEW ANIMATED TAG-EXTRAS I have created for U all to EASTER... if U would like to use this set, just CLICK on MY NAME (its the preview) and DOWNLOAD...


  1. Love this, so neat, will it still be animated if I use it in my memories scrapbk program? Thank you.

    1. Sweetest Joy... Thank U for U kind comment❤ i most say that I really dont know if this set will be animated in memories scrapbooking , i havent tested it....❤love from Sweden and Nettis