Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Yepp this is my little Snuttan watching the news... Aint she adorable??
Me my self are behind the Iphone taking the picture... But I am ALSO watching TV...and I am also doing some reading for my beautyconsulting for Mary Kay (www.anette.sjoo.marykay.se) you can never learn enough about how to take care of your skin... And I am soooo in love with our products... It was love at the first sight!
I have sold so many different kind of skincare over the years, and used even mooore, and now I am happy to say that I have finally find the one and only skincare for me... And I am sooo excited and want everyone to learn to know Mary Kay:s products!!!!
You are free to join me and learn to know more about Mary Kay on my homesite: www.anette.sjoo.marykay.se
Its in swedish, but with the translation at windows you can translate it to any language!!!
Thats about that... Now the TV-time for my Snuttan is over and also for me... ready for some yoga!

Loooove light and harmony
From me to YOU

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