Thursday, May 10, 2012

NEW sets of EXTRAS

 yeppp... we sure have an ordinary swedish spring... and ordinary spring means RAIN, RAIN and then suddenly a little RAIN...LOL...
Well.. what to do when its rainy days ahead...

I KNOW....

sit and play by the computer and be a little creative..LOL...

Well... creative or creative thats the question... BUT I sure had some fun making these 2 SETS of EXTRAS...

I have created them with my OWN pngs(tubes)... and they both includes:

Great work
Great send
Love and Light
You are welcome
Thank You

IF YOU would like to use them, just CLICK on the download UNDER the images, they are linked to 4Share for downloading....


this have I created using my own tube and CLUSTER-FRAME by Tiramisu called:Atolle Paradise... THANK YOU!

this set have I created from a png(tube) by my self and a frame shared into a group... THANK YOU!

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