Thursday, May 3, 2012


....OHHHHHHHHHHHH here in Sweden it seems like SUMMER have arrived... these 2 last days have been REAL sunny and WARM... I have been MORE outside then inside... BUT now the weatherpeople have told us that it will getting chilly again... I HOPE the heat will return to us SOOOOOOOOOON again...

Today I have uploaded 2 NEW sets of EXTRAS for YOU all.... IF YOU would like to use them... just CLICK on the IMAGE and download from 4Share...

They all includes:
Great Work
Great Send
Thank YOU
You are welcome
Love and LIGHT

this set of Xtras have I created using Carmens poser: Cora... ZODIAC frame my BNB... THANK YOU!

this set of Xtras have I created using Poser my Drellas DazStudio and Clusterframe from groupshares... THANK YOU!

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