Saturday, April 28, 2012


  OH yeees the weekend is here... and it seems to be a SUNNY one... so I will KEEEP smiling... LIFE couldnt be better....

SMILE and the WHOLE WORLD smiles with YOU

Today I have uploaded 2 new sets of xtras for YOU to enjoy... I hope so anyway...LOL...

They ALL includes:
Great work
Great Send
Thank YOU
You are welcome
Love and Light

If YOU would like to use them... just CLICK on the DOWNLOAD under the image... its linked to 4Share for downloading...



These XTRAS have I created using POSER by LILL called: Berry and CLUSTERFRAME by CVD... THANK YOU!

these XTRAS have I created using POSER by 2BitSG Sharlimar and WINDOWFRAME by AD called: old picture... THANK YOU!

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