Sunday, February 26, 2012


MYYYYYY friends.... Tomorrow the 27th of february have I blogged for ONE YEAR.... WOOOOOOW.... One year.... WHERE did it go... 365 days, 12 months... and I am STILL as young as I was a year ago..LOL...
 not a DAY older .... I WISH!
I have got to know SOOOOOO MANY wonderful people ALL over the world... I feel SOOOOOO blessed for been getting this chance... LOVE ya ALL to pieces
THANK you for making this YEAR so joyfilled and I wish that the next will be as good as the last BLOG-YEAR...
Once again A BIG BIG THANX to EVERY SINGLE ONE of YOU... I am SOOOOO unspeakable grateful to You ALL from the bottom of my heart....

LOVE, peace, understanding, light and a LOT of KISSES am I sending YOU all

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  1. Happy Blog anniversary Nettis!! I am so very blessed to have come to know you through your blog. You have such a kind heart and you always brighten up my day. Hugs <3 Penny