Monday, September 12, 2011


HAPPY monday my friends.... Have your weekend been a GOOOOOOOD one? I Hope so.... mine have been a relaxing one... and my thoughts and PRAYERS have been with all the ones that lost a loveone in 9/11... we will NEVER forget!

Today I have created 5 NEW CLUSTER-FRAMES for you all.... IF YOU would like to use them... just CLICK on the image... its linked to 4Share!
REMEMBER to have FUN... and a BIG BIG BIG THANX for all the support and for the eyeballing....


This FRAME and the NEXT have I created using posers by MAXI... this POSER is called: Loriell.... THANX!
this FRAME have I also created using the same POSER by MAXI... called Loriell.... THANX!
This FRAME have I created using ELEMENTS called: LovelyDay by SusanneDesigns.... THANX!
this ADORABLE frame have I created using Posers by GERDA called Toon-Mouse.... THANX!

and last but NOT least:

A FRAME that I have created for us all who MAYBE will be traveling along

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  1. Hi Nettis, just stopping by to thank you for always leaving such nice comments. I'm glad we are blog friends :) Love the cluster frames, your work is Awesome!