Monday, May 30, 2011


Its mondaymorning here in Sweden and a NEW month is knocking on the door... the summer-month JUNE will arrive soon... and that meens NEW DESKTOPS for june created by me  just CLICK ON THE IMAGE to save IF you enjoy them and would like to use them....

This one I have created using a tube by Igolochka:

This is created from a PNG by me, Nettis... and elements by VC called TenderBreeze WonderlandHoney :

The boytube is created by me, Nettis...QP is called WildStrawberries and created by RRD EK:

Here the cute poser is created by Lill, and the PP by Ldavi:

The woman in this desktop is created by THAFS:

The man in this desktop is tubed by me, Nettis and the PP is created by ShayD called ShaggyBags:

The woman in this desktop is tubed by Karine, and the PP is created by TeddyBearCholla:

HOPE you enjoy the DESKTOPS I have created for JUNE........ anyway... THANX for the eyeballing and THANX to everyone for the inspiration!!!!!!!!!!


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