Saturday, April 9, 2011


GOOOOOOOOD saturday-morning to you ALL......... First I wanted to send you all a BIG BIG 
for ALLLLL of your kind support and comfort... I am SOOO very very greatful to every single one of YOU!!!!!!!!!
I have been getting question about HOW to get my INCREDIMAILS... well... I have two groups where I share the SAME creations by me, one in GOOGLE and one in YAHOO... you can find the links to my group on the RIGHT border here in my blog! There is also a link to ALL my pngs, old and new ones....

Here are a few NEW PNGS, they look like this:

And here are the PNGS... just CLICK on the following image and save IF you like them.... YOU are FREE to play and use them as much as you want to......... ENJOY and have FUN!
HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS from a SUNNY morning in Sweden and


  1. merci beaucoup nettis
    passe une bonne journée