Thursday, March 31, 2011


GOOOOOOOD thursday my friends.... YEPPP... the last day in March have arrived... so tomorrow will be a NEW month and that meens NEW desktops for APRIL.....
I just have to let you know also that today the winter have RETURNED to us... SNOW... cant believe it, but its true.......... I WANT SPRING NOW..............

Here are the desktops for april... just CLICK on the image and save IF you would like to use them... ENJOY!!!!!!!!!
HUGGGGGS from a snowy NETTIS....


  1. Hi to you "Snowy" Nettis!

    Such a cute snowman! Love these especially the mice one! Nice job! I am on Psp Resistire with you and I really enjoy your work! Thank you for all you share!
    By the way - I am not usually a blog follower, but I see that you are a Breast Cancer survivor and my younger sister is as well. My prayers to you that you stay forever now cancer free!
    Hugs, Marie
    from Virginia - USA

  2. OHHH THANX Marie for your kind words and your support... it meens SOOOOOOOO much to me...........
    I am HAPPY to ehar that your little sister also is free from cancer... and so we will

    HUGGGGGS from Sweden and NETTIS