Sunday, June 4, 2017

Celebrating USA 4thOfJuly (PU/CU) + freebies

Celebrating USA 4thOfJuly (PU/CU) + freebies

Hello everyone... and special HELLO to USA because on the
4th Of July USA celebrating Independence Day!

To CELEBRATE I have created a set I choose to call:
Celebrating USA 4thOfJuly-set!

To celebrate Early ☼SUMMERTIME☼ I have a sale until 15th of June with -1EUR off on MY POSER-SETS!
LOOK out for the tag:
Early Summer
in my shop!
Celebrating USA 4thOfJuly set
for 3EUR
click HERE

To DOWNLOAD matching FREEBIE tag-extra click HERE
To DOWNLOAD matching FREEBIE stationary for Incredimail click HERE

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