Sunday, June 11, 2017

Buzzzzy Beez set/kit (PU/CU) + freebies

Buzzzy Beezzz set/kit (CU/PU)+ freebies

Summertime is a buzzzzy time for our beezzzzz! They are flying from flowers to flowers so that they will be alive and grow... also to make sure that they will grow in other places! The Buzzzzy Beezzz also create honey... We need to take care of our little miracles in the nature!
I had a Bee-nest a few years ago... It wasnt fun to have a whole nest here and sadly enough I am one of MANY who are allergic of these Natures Miracles!
But even though I am allergic I do appriciate their HARD work to make the nature work!


My New Set Buzzzy Beezzz are working hard 
this summer!
To Buy and to download freebies go to my NEW Designers BLOG: HERE

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