Sunday, April 23, 2017

One With Nature-set + FREEBIES

One With Nature-set + FREEBIES

Happy Sunday everyone... Are YOU having a great weekend? I HOPE so, I KNOW I have... we have been outside drinking coffee and enjoyed the sunshine for a while... Just LOVE the nature and SpringTime....

I will finnish this week with sharing my New set with YOU ALL!
Its called:
One With Nature-set and it will be Yours for 2 USD and the set includes:
  • 3 portraits
  • 6 poses
  • 8 scenes
  • 15 elements
all in png-format
  • 19 papers/backgrounds in size 1500*1500 pixles in jpg-format
  • an animated ALPHA-set in gif-format
  • an Art and Artgif in size 850*650 pixles
to BUY One With Nature-set for 2 USD click HERE

To DOWNLOAD matching FREEBIE tag-extra click HERE

to DOWNLOAD matching FREEBIE stationary for incredimail click HERE

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