Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Once Upon A Time-set + Freebies and a note

Once Upon A Time-set + Freebies and a note

EasterTime is over for This year.... I had a 4 days break from ALL socialmedia, my batteries are loaded and I am SOOOO READY to welcome Spring of 2017 into my life... even though we still have it chilly here in Sweden, not heat in sight... but we all know IT will arrive to us, sooner or later!

I Have something New for YOU all, and for!

Once Upon A Time-set, wich will be Yours for 3 USD and You will get:
  • portraits
  • 11 poses together
  • 10 poses alone
  • scenes
  • 22 elements
ALL in png-format!

  • 33 papers/backgrounds in size 1500*1500 pixles, in jpg-format

An Animated ALPHA-set in gif-format

An Art and an Artgif!

To BUY Once Upon A Time-set for 3 USD click HERE

To DOWNLOAD matching freebie tag-set click HERE
To DOWNLOAD marching freebie stationary for incredimail click HERE

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